Pie of Trouble, Let’s hang. Breathe. Air for free.

Thank you for coming everybody, my name is Jim Sanders. I’m the CEO of BIGWIG incorporated and I’m here to talk to you today about oxygenenergizer, also known as OE.
Oxygenenergizer™ is an advanced and sophisticated technology geared to the energy conversion of airborne oxygen and nitrogen.
This hi-tech engine has been developed from new, highly specialized, sensitive fiber-guided engineering principals that activate energy production by means of the flowthrough speed of O2 and N2 within the fiber engine compartment.
With an acceleration from 0-100 km/h within 8.1 seconds and a top speed of 190 km/h. This is the world’s first engine with a drive-powered nitrogen and oxygen acceleration inside the fiber engine compartment.
The chassis and each individual interior element are composed of a highly sensitive signal transmission fiber. This synthetically produced hollow-fiber membrane made of magnetic powder, silicon, spongin, and nystaria has properties that allow it to bond with airborne oxygen and nitrogen. Nystaria, an acceleration atom, can bond simultaneously with O2 and N2 due to its distinct atomic structure. Nystaria is capable of accelerating up to 1034 m/s when it comes into contact with oxygen and nitrogen.
The amorphous and flexuously folded form of this hi-tech fiber motor serves as a compartment within which nystaria accelerates together with the bonded
O2 and N2 molecules. The engine’s idiosyncratic and amorphous spatial structure provides nystaria with the greatest possible means to efficiently accelerate to maximum speeds.
The chemical energy is transformed into mechanical energy via an elaborate, hypersensitive system inside the OE’s exterior shaft.


The oxygen acceleration in the engine’s interior is an uncontrollable, autonomous energy flux. Energy output is regulated by a system controlled by the user. The acceleration atoms nystaria can be decelerated as needed by switching on several magnets.
Oxygenenergizer™ provides unique performance through highly sensitive, sophisticated technology. The engineers herewith present you with an outstanding achievement, a world-class engine ahead of its time. The first engine running fully on oxygen.

ME: Humanity Mechanics: Soul is an important fact in creation.
It is the existence in the in-between! It is in the difference!

What is soul?

It is speed in the in-between. The objects are the receivers.

Oxygenenergizer is mounted in vehicles which are especially designed for its use, the goal being to establish an automobile policy that can exist independent of the oil industry and the electric motor industry, and, consequently, independent of nuclear energy! The goal of our institute, BIGWIG was to develop a machine that is very close to the human respiratory system. We call this kind of development “Humanity Mechanics”, but it wasn’t until the discovery of Nystaria that we were successful in developing a completely new motor technology.

ME: On these levels, speed is invisible, like breathing.

Oxygenenergizer is hereby the first motor that bonds with Nystaria through a chemical reaction with airborne oxygen and nitrogen, thereby producing energy.

Air for free!
This was our dogma from the beginning of our project.
The idea that energy should not be commercialized, that it should be available to everyone, has finally been actualized.
Our goal here at BIGWIG has always been to create a world energy policy where power-political hierarchies are kept out.

ME: How do you explain something, which does not exist?

They say, “The soul thinks, too!” Meaning when you talk out loud to yourself!

Oxygen is the producer of energy. Oxygen makes thinking possible. Oxygen gives thought.  Of us being able to lift our arm!
Consequently we could irrationalize that oxygen carries the soul-supply.
As they say, “The soul thinks, too!” Everything is creation. When you breathe, oxygen builds up on the inside. So you could say the soul comes from the outside in the body.  Soul-substances that can bond with oxygen are transported into all bodies and matter that react with oxygen!

MARC: The relevance of mechanical existence lies in the act of maneuvering it into the irrational. Then the true relationship between humanity mechanics exists. The absurdity lies in the fissure of pure creation! A creation that occurs via chemical reaction and continues to function in the irrational space. Yet the space is as real as this wall.

Where can OXYGENENERGIZER be acquired? OE is utilized in the automobile industry as a motor. OE is also offered as an energy generator for every household. Software developed especially for OE has been made available for download.

ME: The Soul is not functioning!
Well maybe the air is too polluted then.

For a fee, a motor-fiber model of your choice can be downloaded. A 3D printer,  which is fed with the specific fiber material will print out the engine model you chose.

A short users’ manual will give you an explanation of how to hook it up and how to operate this new, high-tech sensitive fiber motor, OXYGENENERGIZER.

ME: The soul has no influence on the matter or the function of the machine! These are numbers, calculated a thousand times over! This is about highly specific functioning. The soul is active in a machine that works on oxygen;

MARC: The soul exists in the oxygen of particular matter! An oxygen exchange of varying units of matter also results in a soul exchange!

With OE, every household is awarded its autonomy! Air for free! OE is a social machine.


In the future, OE will create a society that is not determined by power-oriented groups. The debate on and around resources will thereby be ended. Oil will no longer be the black gold.
OE is a social creation, a motor which ensures democracy within the energy debate.



With OE, demands are made on an environment that is able to ensure oxygen production thanks to the planting of forests.
This means that the utilization of OE makes any exploitation whatsoever of fossil fuel obsolete.
Energy no longer has to be stored or transported over long distances to its respective end-consumers.
Hence, nuclear energy and oil drilling are already becoming inessential, as are all forms of electricity production and transmission.
The utilization of OE brings a new world into being.

MARC: So, the exchange of mechanical soul power happens through the participation of breathing matter, human breathing; Soul power is absorbed from the air by a breathing human being. Soul power from the air reacts in the insides of the human like a key-and-lock-unit—in whichever humans are compatible. A specific key-and-lock compatibility is inborn, like a blood type.
Through breathing exercises, one can heighten compatibility with several soul powers.

ME: The door opens,
Breathe, soul exchange,
The air is full of soul power. BREATHE.

Man sagt ja auch, es ist beseelt

Air for free